Hosted by physicist Brian Greene, ‘The Fabric of the Cosmos’ is a journey to the frontiers of known physics in an effort to explore the deepest and most puzzling cosmological queries.

From NOVA/PBS regarding the final episode of the series, ‘Universe or Multiverse?

Hard as it is to swallow, cutting-edge theories are suggesting that our universe may not be the only universe. Instead, it may be just one of an infinite number of universes that make up the “multiverse.” In this show, Brian Greene takes us on a tour of this brave new theory at the frontier of physics, showing what some of these alternate realities might be like. Some universes may be almost indistinguishable from our own; others may contain variations of all of us, where we exist but with different families, careers, and life stories. In still others, reality may be so radically different from ours as to be unrecognizable. Brian Greene reveals why this radical new picture of the cosmos is getting serious attention from scientists. It won’t be easy to prove, but if it’s right, our understanding of space, time, and our place in the universe will never be the same.

You can watch the program HERE.

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"Man’s respect for knowledge is one of his most peculiar characteristics. Knowledge in Latin is scientia, and science came to be the name of the most respectable kind of knowledge."

Imre Lakatos (Curd, Martin, and J. A. Cover. Philosophy of Science: The Central Issues, p. 20. New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 1998. Print.)

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Cupid’s War / Reed and Nick 


"Thank fuck," Nick grumbles.  "Now I only have to maim the perpetrators a little instead of killing them dead."  He reaches down and nudges (nudges not pets) Quack, poking it once when it gives the feline equivalent of a massive sigh.  The little fucker does this thing where it shuffles slightly and wraps its front paws around Nick’s leg like some sort of fucking teddy.  Nick glares preemptively at Reed in warning.

"Whatever you’re planning to do," he mutters.  "Don’t include me in your strategy until at least noon.  I’m going right back to fuckin’ sleep."  He doesn’t ask Reed to stay, not directly, but hopes the invitation is implied.

Of course, Reed would not have allowed Nick to kill their surprise vandals anyway, though he doesn’t believe that was a sincere threat. And of course, he stays. Unless some aspect of his work is beckoning him away, he generally interprets a lack of a clear dismissal from Nick as an invitation to linger. Besides, it would probably be impossible to move Quark right now. Reed settles back into place without a word.

[end thread]

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Leaps and Bounds / Tony and Reed 


"S’more people moving around," he replied silkily, taking a moment to watch his coffee ripple around in his mug. "We finally got all the Xavier people settled, we finally got Xavier settled, we ditched Dennis the Menace and his reindeer sidekick, and the top three floors had to have the paneling replaced to up the soundproofing.”

That had been a courtesy to Fury and Coulson. Since Pepper’s floor was technically the one under it, it made sense to keep a nursery on each floor. Tony had made a point to replace the wall paneling the moment Pepper mentioned a nursery on her floor.

But he didn’t bother to babble off all the details and instead took another quiet drink, blinking back up at Reed over the edge of his coffee mug when he lowered it. “Pepper’s gonna pop at any second,” he tacked on, his best attempt at conversational despite the flashing buzz the words put in his gut. “Like, I’ve got the pilot of my smaller jet on standby, any second.”

Reed couldn’t imagine who Dennis the Menace or the reindeer sidekick were meant to be, so all he could glean from that phrase was that more than just SHIELD had moved out of the Tower. Didn’t appear to be any new faces, though, which was fortunate as Reed was still unacquainted with many of the Tower’s current residents.

Though Tony tried to sound nonchalant, his anticipation and anxiety was evident. Pepper’s pregnancy had temporarily slipped Reed’s mind; he thought guiltily that if Sue were here she’d have already asked Tony about Pepper and the baby’s status. Still, his mouth curved in a small smile as he finally took a sip from his own cup. “You must be…” he cast about for the right word to encapsulate all that he imagined a new father experienced. “…excited.”

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  • Johnny: Isn't it though? Maybe I should get my own tv show. People would so watch me. Can I?
  • Johnny: Oh Quark wasn't any trouble at all. Though she dislikes getting into water more than me I think. We got a bit messy working on some cars. It got worked out.
  • Johnny: You should see how she was with Lockjaw. I think I took a few pics cause I knew you would want to see
  • Reed: I think you should discuss this with Susan.
  • Reed: Thank you for helping with Quark. She's quite fond of you. I take it she also cohabits with Lockjaw peacefully?
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It has to be the first Thursday of the month | Sue, Thor, Reed 



JARVIS brought up a call so that all members of SHIELD and the Avengers Initiative could hear it. “…back up. I repeat. This is Invisible Woman calling for back up.” There was sounds of grunts and fighting over the comm link. “Agents, we have a code 848. Avengers, extremely hostile super villain. And Fantastic Four…” She sounded like she was almost giving an annoyed sigh. “…it’s the first Thursday of the month. Hurry!” With that the transmission ended.

Out near Hell’s Kitchen, Sue was in the middle of a struggle. She had taken a few hits and was struggling to keep one of her shields up as it was being pounded on. It seemed like an average super hero v. super villain bout. But there was one large difference this time.

Sue Storm was battling with herself. The blue clad member of the Fantastic Four was fighting with a green clad version of herself. Madame HYDRA.

Thor had been just outside his room when the transmission had come through. He’d turned back, pushing open the door and holding out a hand for Mjolnir to come to his side, enjoying the jolt of electricity that went through him as his armor appeared, sliding down along his shoulders.

He didn’t bother calling that he was going, instead just heading for the roof, asking JARVIS where, approximately, he was going. After a few moments of deciding, once he had open sky before him, Thor swung Mjolnir forward, letting the hammer power their flight toward the call for help.

It didn’t matter where Reed was or what he was doing, a call for help from his family—a call for help from Sue—always warranted his immediate attention. He didn’t need the urgency of her tone or the severity of the coded situation to convince him to respond, though these things did contribute to his haste. The Fantasticar could be fast when needed, so despite the set-back of needing to dress and make it to the roof, he wasn’t too far behind Thor, following the directions JARVIS had sent to the flying car.

Since Sue hadn’t identified their opponent, Reed had expected them to be a new player on the scene. And, in a way, it was. His Sue certainly didn’t wear the colors or symbol of HYDRA. As he left the car some distance from the fight and ran toward the scene, his mind flicked through the different possibilities. Simplest to assume the right Sue was in blue, as a more complicated explanation would be needed to explain why she would be wearing the green (still couldn’t entirely dismiss that possibility until he’d learned more about the situation).

A matching powerset, very close in physical appearance despite the different costume, so: doppleganger, clone, Skrull or other shapeshifter capable of mimicking powers, possibly a robot. Of course, these imitations would have to be more focused on discrediting Sue’s reputation than on infiltrating or replacing, considering the costume change. Which could also be explained by an alternate reality. It was about time someone other than him had to confront their evil alternate; he was getting tired of meeting the likes of Brute or Dark Raider.

"Sue!" he called as he jumped into the fray, trying to simultaneously alert the Invisible Woman to his presence and distract this Madame HYDRA.

  • Johnny: Are you saying I'm not good with people?........Who was it with though?
  • Johnny: Also. Only you would be excited by nerd stuff, rush hour meaning I can drive fast anywhere, everyplace in the world is being lame and not having any awesome parties, Sue said I'm not allowed to throw parties anymore and you didn't take her with you for me to get away with it, no one that needs to fight either
  • Johnny: Oh and there is nothing on tv.
  • Reed: Your life is truly tragic.
  • Reed: Quark seemed happy and healthy when I checked on her. You at least succeed as a cat-sitter.
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Leaps and Bounds / Tony and Reed 


"It’s not so much a matter of giving up as his leash is finally getting too short to function," he shot back, calm as ever as he reached for his mug with a brief nod. "And if this whole operation’s going belly up, it’s not happening here."

God bless Pepper for backing him up with Fury.

Reed seemed to be more crotchety than he was on a good day, and Tony could almost see the nerve bouncing angrily against the other man’s temple so he shifted the subject. He really was glad to see Reed, and now wasn’t the time to go and ruin a perfectly good thing with his mouth. “Once SHIELD packs up we’re expanding the living floors,” he pressed on, raising his mug to take a slow sip. “Spread people out on the top floors. Probably for the better. This place seems to be barreling up in numbers.”

Not quite as subtle as you thought you were, eh, Stark?

Reed belatedly realized that he was showing too much of his stress to Tony; just because he’d had a bad week didn’t mean that Tony deserved any of his defensiveness. He tried to soothe his own nerves, discreetly blowing on his coffee and leaning against the counter next to his friend. “That’s an… unusual analysis,” he offered. Tony was talking like Nick’s influence and reach had been diminished. An alarming thought, considering how much he’d relied on Nick’s support over the years—in particular whenever his family had to deal with foreign powers (thank you, Victor and Namor, for being two different kinds of difficult).

"Who’s moved in while I’ve been away?" Reed asked, seizing at the change of subject gratefully.

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  • Johnny: Reed!
  • Johnny: Reeeeeeeeeeeeed!~
  • Johnny: I’m bored. Did you seriously go to space without me when I’m this bored~
  • Reed: You would not have enjoyed this trip. I was involved in diplomatic negotiations.
  • Reed: Also: billions of dollars spent on the most cutting-edge technology, the fastest cars, access to nearly anyplace in the world, not to mention quite a few locations off-world... how can you possibly be bored?
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